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Legal Malpractice Lawyer: Marchese Injury Law is located in Portland, Maine.

The legal system is complicated and powerful, but sometimes it doesn’t work for you the way you thought it should. Maybe your hunch that your attorney did something wrong to hurt you is correct. Your lawyer has a responsibility and a required standard of care to you to assist you with your legal matters. If your lawyer missed a deadline, failed to identify important information necessary to your matter, or if they failed to present the evidence or a witness in a hearing or trial, any damages resulting from those actions may be compensated in a claim against your former attorney.

So, when your attorney fails to represent you fairly or fails to pursue your best interests, you can seek compensation for lost money, lost opportunities and other damages.

These circumstances represent legal malpractice because there are many special rules and ethical requirements governing the practice of law.  Marchese Injury Law, P.A. can make sure you are fairly compensated when those rules aren’t followed.

You can trust the respected and experienced law firm of Marchese Injury Law, P.A. to make the legal system work for you to remedy a prior wrong.

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