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Compensation is Important, But You Need More

Marchese Injury Law, P.A. knows how to get the maximum dollars for you, but that is just the start of what we do to help people who have been injured. Our firm has obtained several million dollars for injured people. We are proud of that, and we are committed to doing the same thing to help you. But it doesn’t end there. Winning your life back means more than how much money your attorney helped you obtain.

Medical care:

What if you have no Insurance, or too little coverage for the medical treatment that you need?

We look at our clients as people who are trying to recover their health and a full life. Marchese Injury Law, P.A. is genuinely concerned with how your recovery goes, and we help you advocate for the best medical care, even when our own doctors may not be listening. We help identify all possible insurance that may be available, not only for the final compensation, but to pay for your medical expenses as you are recovering. Better yet, if there is no insurance or too little to cover medical expenses, we will work with your doctors to help you get necessary medical treatment.

Planning for the future:

Serious injuries very frequently result in a lifetime of treatment. While you may plateau in your treatment, you may still need future medical care to address pain, loss of mobility, possible surgery and whatever else your injuries require. At Marchese Injury Law, P.A.we address those issues and the future cost, then we advise you how to proceed.

It’s not over until it’s over:

Some lawyers think that they have done their job by getting a check from the insurance company. However, that is very often when the real work begins! Before saying that you will accept $X for your injuries, you need to understand what that really means. When your own insurance company pays your injury-related medical expenses (which is typical), they have legal rights to be repaid from your settlement or judgment funds. Our law firm works hard to reduce your repayment to the insurance company. Every dollar saved goes to you!

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