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Overcoming a Personal Injury

Specializing in personal injury lawsuits: Marchese Injury Law is located in Portland, Maine.

Have you received a physical/ personal injury as a result of someone else’s actions?

Were you harmed physically or financially through the negligence of a healthcare worker, attorney or other professional?

If so, you can recover damages from the people or companies who are responsible, with the help of Marchese Injury Law, P.A. Our attorneys will:

  • Help you with your medical care advocacy to recover your health quickly and fully
  • Identify all insurance policies that may be available to pay your damages
  • Assist you in compiling all aspects of your damage claims
  • Negotiate with the insurance companies
  • File suit and litigating cases when insurance companies simply refuse to be fair
  • Negotiating reduced payments for any liens or subrogation interests that you are required to repay by contract or by law from settlement funds.

Sometimes, complicated insurance issues arise. It is important that your attorney know the law, so that you do not end up with less money than you are entitled to receive. You need an experienced advocate who can make the system work for you.

Different personal injury laws govern motor vehicle-related accidents, premises liability, slip-and-fall cases, dog bites, boating accidents, children’s injuries, workplace accidents, assault, product liability claims and wrongful death cases.

Claims must be brought within a specific period of time after the accident or you will lose your right to seek compensation forever. So, it’s important to call an attorney without delay. We are available to help evaluate your claim and pursue your rights.

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