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Work-place Injury Lawyer: Marchese Injury Law is located in Portland, Maine.

Always tell your employer about your injury as soon as reasonably possible. They will need to file a report to begin the workers compensation legal and insurance process, so that you have your medical expenses paid dollar for dollar, and so that you receive lost wages. After your first 10 days of medical treatment you do not have to go to the insurance company’s medical providers, and there are other things you should know to protect yourself after you have been injured on the job.

While workers compensation insurance covers many injuries sustained on the job, there are some instances where unsafe practices or the negligence of others come in to play. In these cases, additional compensation may be due you.  Workers Compensation insurance may cover some of your wages and your medical expenses, but you may be able to seek compensation from another person or entity other than your employer for damages that are not covered by the workers compensation laws. Therefore, ourattorneys will help you fight on both fronts to get full compensation for you.

If you have experienced an injury at work, make sure that your rights are explained and that you win the compensation you deserve.  Call the Marchese Injury Law, P.A. for evaluation of your case to make sure you are not being short-changed. We can help with workplace injuries whether or not your claim is covered by workers compensation insurance laws.

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