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Dog Bites Can Scar for Life

Animal or Dog Bite Accident Lawyer: Marchese Injury Law is located in Portland, Maine.

Every year, there are more than 4 million dog-bite cases within the United States. Most of those bitten are children, often in the face. In many of these cases, the attack should have been prevented, and there is insurance coverage available to compensate a person who received a dog bite. Proper knowledge and a thorough investigation can make the difference in whether you will receive compensation for being bitten.

The pain and fear involved can be devastating, and permanent scarring can affect the rest of your life. Medical bills also can become a substantial burden, if you or someone in your family is bitten by a dog.

Nearly 900,000 Americans annually receive medical attention for dog bites. Of that group, more than 31,000 people require reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.

If you or someone you love has been bitten by a dog, or attacked by an animal, be sure to report the incident to the local dog officer or police department; take photos of the injuries; and, of course, seek medical attention and care.  Be sure to protect your rights. Marchese Injury Law, P.A. has a great record of prevailing in these claims, and we will help you win compensation for your pain and loss.

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