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New Research: October is Most-Dangerous Month on the Road

February 10, 2010

Portland Attorney Works to Raise Accident Awareness

Portland, MAINE (Sept. 30, 2009) – A recent University of Michigan study has found that the fatality rate per mile driven is highest among U.S. motorists in October, a heavy travel month in Maine as foliage and Columbus Day Weekend lure people onto the roads.

The findings, published this summer in “Traffic Injury Prevention” magazine, square with what David Marchese sees within his personal injury law practice at his Portland firm, Marchese Injury Law, P.A.

“October is a month when the sun is low on the horizon and can blind drivers at crucial times,” said Marchese, who is trying to raise awareness around accident prevention. “Wildlife is on the move, and animals wander onto roads. Drivers also become distracted while looking at the foliage.”

The recent study, authored by Michael Sivak at the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, looked at all highway fatalities in the United States, as well as data on how many miles are driven in each month of the year. He concluded that there are strong seasonal variations to road deaths, as well as the previously understood variations related to times of day and days of the week.

“Traffic accidents, whether they involve death or serious injury, are devastating for families and communities,” Marchese said. “In my practice, I see the negative, life-altering consequences of traffic accidents every day. Too often, they could have been prevented with greater caution by someone who was behind the wheel.”

Motor-vehicle deaths are the leading killer of people aged 1-34 nationally, and send nearly 5 million people a year to the emergency room. Maine saw 129 highway deaths in 2008.

Marchese has been working to raise safety awareness, both on the road and in other areas, and recently worked with participants in the Tri for a Cure triathlon, as the event Safety Coordinator, to ensure their safety during the event. He also will begin publishing a newsletter in October that incorporates safety advice.

“October is an incredible month in Maine, with the foliage in full bloom and crisp weather. It’s great for day-tripping,” Marchese said. “People do need to realize, though, that there are dangers on the road that they need to keep in mind as they are enjoying themselves.”

“Children are back at school, and buses are stopping along the roads in every community,” Marchese said. “Allowing yourself to become distracted for just a moment can lead to tragedy.”

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